Story of a Star


“Oh! Dear”

A star speaks to her tear

“You’re with me here

For every joy and fear”



Don’t leave my eyes

See the bluish sky

Before you lie

On the floor and die

There’s a star

Can you find?”


“Who am I?

They’re saying I’m so high

But I want a shoulder

To lie and cry

I don’t know why…”


The star is alone

With crowded clouds

Who saw her heart?

It also has a life

Though she’s a star…


Who will care?

“No one”… I dare…

Keep in mind

Her heart is so kind

She’s not blind

She’s not fine…

But see how she shines


Did you see it?

The melting heart

Behind her glitter?


See how glorious she is

Among the clouds there

With pains buried near

In an unshed tear


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