Superheroes Wanted!!!


“Did you smile today?”

“Yes of course, I did.”

Amazing! Such a lucky person you are. Do you know that there are millions of people who couldn’t smile today, not because they don’t need to but because they don’t have a reason. Something, just something has stolen their beautiful smiles.

So what? I’m here, scrolling my Facebook page, eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating.
Just get one second from your so called busy life and think again.

Think twice…Is it fair? Is it OK to be happy while the other half of people in the world is dying?

You are happily taking your tasty dinner while some street kids are walking miles to find something to eat. You don’t even study for your finals while some girls in Asia are fighting for their basic rights of education.

Don’t we need a change? Shouldn’t there be equal chances to everyone, no matter where they are from or what language they speak? Can’t we change the system? Why can’t all the people around the world live happily forever?
But, to make this change, to make this miracle happen, we badly need a superhero.



What if I say that you are the superhero that the world needs right now. OMG! YES!! YOU.

You are the most talented young person I’ve ever seen. You are the one who can make a miracle. You are the one who can change the world into a better place. You are more talented than you think. You are stronger than you believe. You won a competitive race with billions of sperms and came here, you were born as a winner. You came here to make a miracle, not just to study, do a job, get married, have kids and die. You were created, to be a superhero.

Don’t be confused. I’m there for you. Not only me, there are thousands of superheroes waiting to hold your hand, waiting to make a miracle, waiting for a better change, waiting to spread happiness, waiting to see everyone together. So it’s time to understand your superpower, understand the purpose of your life.

But you will say, “I’m a simple person, not a superman and I don’t have any superpower”. OK? But what if I say that you can be a superhero too, because we all are superheroes with unique powers, what is needed is to understand our power and give it back to make this world a better place.

Are you a writer? So use your writing skills as your superpower. Write articles to change the lives of people. Motivate people, wake them up from their dream world, help them to understand the purpose of their lives. If you are good at speaking, be a lawyer or a politician. Not to be rich but to use the legal power to make changes that you want to see in the world. If you are a medical student, do your job not only as a job, but also as a service for the progress of the mankind. So eventually you will become a hero to the world.

There are eminent artists who are capable of making others happy. Yes, use your super talent to give happiness to the people with sadness, by doing that you are changing the world of someone. You are that superhero the world needed. No matter you were always called as a weirdo, you are a superhero.

Are you an ordinary B.Sci student; called as a nerd, bullied, rejected by everyone. Here’s your chance to show your superpower. Study hard, do experiments. Find something new; medicine for AIDS, drugs for Dengue, something that can reduce global warming.

Explore, do something great to this world and I’m sure that you can do this while achieving your own targets as well. Strive for that from now on.

Backbenchers, the worst people in every place, you are a superhero too stubborn guy. I know that you hate this education system, you are tired of boring lectures and assignments. You are the best person to be a superhero. I’m sure you will love it. You can be a volunteer and then automatically you are a superhero.

Volunteers are the best miracle makers in the world.

Go and volunteer for schools, hospitals, NGOs. This will definitely change your life in a better way while giving you an amazing life-changing experience.

So here are your chances superheroes. Start to show your super talents from now on. We all have the responsibility to save this world from all these bad influences. Use your own talents wisely to make this world a better place than it is today. Lets strive together to achieve this.

Yes, this won’t be easy but probably it will be a beautiful “Mission of superheroes;”

After our mission there will be a day where everyone looks so happy. No war, no poverty, no hunger. That day will not be far away if we all understand our superpowers and work on our mission. So strive to improve your superpower and use it for the well being of the mankind.


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