World Environment Day 2024: Restoring Land and Building Resilience

June 5th marks World Environment Day, an annual observance aimed at fostering global awareness and action for the protection of our planet. This year, the focus is on land restoration, combating desertification, and enhancing ... Read more

ජාත්‍යන්තර ජෛව විවිධත්ව දිනය 2024

සැලැස්මේ කොටසක් වන්න.

මහා පිපුරුම් සංසිද්ධියේ අනගි පළ විපාකය ලෙස සූර්යයා, සුදු ... Read more

Celebrating Cradles of Biodiversity- World Wetlands Day 2021

The world we live in consists of several ecosystems with vast diversity that enhance and support the survival of all the living beings on earth. Among them, there is this one type of habitat which barely considered and less ... Read more