Challenge Accepted!!!

Ensuring sufficient food for its growing population is a major challenge faced by humanity. An additional challenge is the increasing need for diverse plant products for fuel, fibers and chemicals. Plants sustain the life on Earth. They are the basis for ... Read more

Challenged by pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical pollution is pollution of the environment with pharmaceuticals and their metabolites/residue. Although different parts of the environment can be polluted by pharmaceuticals, it is mainly a form of water pollution. This pollution can occur at ... Read more

‘Wet and Wild’ Educational Program with Environment Science Students at Diyasaru Park

The message of the importance of nature is not something you can convey to a person overnight. It is a bond that needs to be developed slowly and personally for its full results. The best way to do this is to bring children closer to nature and introduce them ... Read more

Solid Waste: Policies and Public Influence in Sri Lanka

Solid waste policies in Sri Lanka have been established with the objective of ensuring environmental accountability and social responsibility of all stakeholders. It demands active involvement of individuals and all institutions in integrated waste management ... Read more