Freshers’ Chess: The Game of Kings and Queens

The university indoor gymnasium was completely a different place from the other days. It was calm and quiet where the great minds of the freshers’ were sitting and do the thinking, playing the beautiful game of chess. From first move to the last, every move ... Read more

Freshers’ Scrabble: A Day to Mingle Words

Students holding dictionaries and scrabble boards filled the university gymnasium. They were talking and debating about words that will give them the highest score. This was the enthusiasm at the Fresher’s Scrabble Tournament. It was held on the ... Read more

ගිලෙන මතුවන හැගුම් අතරින් කෙළි හටනේ තරගෙට පැද්ද මැෂින් ඔරු

ජලයේ කෙළිලොල්ම ක්‍රීඩාව ලෙස රුදුරු ජල කඳ තරණයේ මතු කරනා මංමාවත් තුල කිඳා බැස ජය ගොස ... Read more

නව ශූරයින් බිහිකළ නවකයන්ගෙ වොලිබෝල් ශූරතාවය

කොළඹ සරසවි කෝඩුකාරයින්ගේ නවක කෙළි වසන්තය දිනෙන් දින උණුසුම් වෙමින් පවතින අතර ඒ අනුව ... Read more