FOS Research Cradle Ep 04 | Warunika Nishamini Karunasiri

Today's speaker, Ms. Warunika Nishamini Karunasiri, graduated from the Zoology and Environment Sciences Department with first-class honors in Immunology and Integrative Molecular Biology (IIMB). She was born on 07th ... Read more

FOS Research Cradle Ep 03 | Ramalka Kasige

After 2 episodes of research cradle articles, we think our audience is a bit familiar with the concept of the undergraduate research projects done by our own alumni students. It is with great pleasure, we at FOS Media Blog, ... Read more

FOS Research Cradle Ep 02 | Charuni Pathmeswaran

Fourth-year undergraduate research is a topic familiar to some of us while it remains completely new to some other group of students. Therefore, with the purpose of increasing your awareness of the research, we at FOS Media ... Read more

FOS Research Cradle Ep 01 | Dasuni Pramodya Algiriya

At some point in our lives, we all made our decision to start this new journey of university education choosing the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. I am pretty sure, since the first year at university, we all have ... Read more