The First Hero

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If somebody asked you ‘who is your hero’, you’ll come across with different answers.

But just recall your childhood. Can you remember your preschool time? Who was your hero? Who was your friend? Surely it should be your thaththa.

The first hero seen by any child who is born to this world is his father. Can you remember how you respected him and how you loved him when you was a small kid? Now knock on to your heart and ask yourself, whether there’s a difference of how you treat him today than you were earlier. If there is any difference, there is something to think.

You may have grown big and sometimes you may be more educated than your daddy. But it does not mean that you have come to a superior position than your dad. May be your father does not know to deal with the modern technology. May be he doesn’t know how to download a video, how to access the internet or how to work out with a smartphone, which you are surely perfect at. Is that the point you think that you know more than your father?

Bethink how he cuddled you when he is back from his work, recall how he carried you on his shoulder. Though you’ve grown older for decades, though he has got older with gray hair and wrinkled skin, that love and affection has never been changed.

True you have grown big, but remember that your appachchi also has grown older with lots of experiences. Though he doesn’t know about the technology, he knows well about the life a. He is far more away from you in that aspect. Appachchi has faced many hardships and terrible times and knows how to get managed with them. That is how he has made you who you are today. You have grown big on the foundation of your father’s experiences.

You may have notice that not like your mom, he usually doesn’t peep into your matters and he doesn’t come to talk about them all the time. Also you may have seen that he doesn’t always get worried on your stupid things and does not scream at you all the time as your mother does. Bur that does not mean that he is just blind at you. Remember that all the things you do, everything you say will be finely printed in his heart. May be still those words are unspoken. But sure that they will speak you one day. But if you feel guilty conscious for him on that day there will be nothing unlucky as that.

He is over-alert on you and you don’t know it, he worries about you and you never see it, he cries because of you and you never see his tears, he boast about you and you never hear them. He dream on you never feel him.

But there will be a day that you realize all these things. Don’t make yourself regret that day.

You are lucky if your father is living at the moment. Think deep and care him. Remember he has unspoken words and they will speak on you one day. Work to be proud on yourself on that day.


No matter whether he is a farmer or an engineer. No matter whether he owns a push-bike or a luxurious car. Every father push-fully works to make his child someone better one day, one step beyond him.

So make his dream true. Never keep something to regret. Be a witness to his loving memories.

Make your thaththa your everlasting hero!

old and young holding hands

Kavindya Pathirana

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