The Law Of Attraction: In A Woman’s Point Of View


“If the energy and the vibrational frequency is correct, is in sync, with what is to come your way there is a space you create that allows that to happen” – Oprah Winfrey

What is the law of attraction? And what impact does it have on us? These are common questions that everybody expects answers for. Simply, the law of attraction is the world’s most-used law. Knowingly or unknowingly everybody is using it every day and all the time. The Law of Attraction not only applies to women or men, but also to anything that attracts the human mind. This law is what makes us attracted to anything that exists in the world.

Peeping into a bit of the history of the law of attraction, we come across a few beliefs. It’s said that the law of attraction was first enlightened by Lord Buddha as “what you have thought is what you have become”. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract better and positive things into your life. If you are focused on lack and negativity, then that is what will be attracted to your life.

When you follow the law of attraction, it can not only have infinite possibilities but also infinite joy. One will be able to overcome obstacles without any difficulties and change his or her life for its betterment. Like always, we can get two explanations for everything that is tangled with the law of attraction. Thinking about a spiritual explanation, most people around the world think that this law works when we get connected by our respective religious leadership. They align God or the universe to believe that the law of attraction really works. Also, there is another group of people who believe that everything can be explained with traditional science. It’s us who should focus on attaining a new reality. When we have the faith that a new reality is possible, we tend to take more risks, seek more opportunities and open up ourselves to more challenges. Believing that good will come to us and working for that will bring us positive results whilst sweeping away all the negative thoughts that build inwardly.

In my opinion, we can think of three main steps we need to fulfill when we are going through the process of the law of attraction. They are; ask, believe and get! As simple as that. Ask yourself what you want. Ask yourself whether you need to change something in yourself, ask yourself what you want to do next, and where you want to go. Ask everything that matters. Then believe in yourself. Don’t limit yourself, don’t let your life restrict you from doing what you want. Understand that you are a deserving, lovable, worthy, and capable person. Once you start believing what your needs are, you can start experiencing the emotions you expect. Start expecting miracles.

If you go through the internet, you’ll find a number of articles that tell you about how to attract us, women. But are they all true? That’s where I started thinking. Yes, we do root for good-looking guys, who attract us right away after we see them. Yet, when choosing a partner, we consider so many things, don’t we? A man doesn’t become a “man” or partner material given that they look so handsome. As I think, what we really seek is stability. The word stability doesn’t tell you just about the financial stability that a man should have to get a woman but also his emotional stability. Just like not every man is the same, not every woman is the same too. We don’t want to feel the same thing over and over. Women are yearning for new experiences that change not in days but in moments. The emotions and feelings that women feel can be changed in an instant. It always depends on us whether we need love and affection all the time, whether we need freedom, or whether we need to feel so deeply connected with our partner.

However, the law of attraction doesn’t limit us just to win another person’s heart. But also, it helps to attract good values and positivity to your life, to improve your mental health and emotions, and make you confident. Not just these, but even the materialistic things such as money and wealth. So, it is really necessary to study and implement the law of attraction in our lives for its betterment.




Written by: Thiranja Jayasundara

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