The Mixtape


Floated onto the lap

Withered petals of faded pink,

“Are love and hate the same thing?”

A poem slipped out as I think.


Meddling with the guitar strings

Music resonates with strange,

Believe in fantasies and aliens

‘Cause changes never change.


Glide over the valley of notes

Reaching out to a falsetto,

Song of life has highs and lows

Falling short leaves the echo…


She is cycling with the breeze

Down the rustling street,

The cameras kept on rolling

The present is the real treat!


Thousands of gazes

Since the nineteenth century,

Even a beautiful starry night

Endures the numb history.


Far away from the home

Under the sky in twilight,

I ruffled through the pages

For words so light…


Nature, the finest art of all,

Wait for a second and behold,

Found the kinship lost and gone

In the trickle of raindrops cold.


From memories to dreams

Life is a mixtape of feelings

Be amused by the hues

For arts are the paradise of healing…


P.S: When shades of emotions overwhelm our lives, be it the piercing heartache, fear of being different, falling short and unsatisfaction, mindfulness, boredom, homesickness, or loneliness, the consolation can be found within a piece of music, a line from a book, a scene from a movie, a brush stroke on a painting or just by feeling the nature. Comfort comes through the arts.


Image Credits: Author

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