The Owner of Endless Love


When it comes to motherhood there are a lot of things involved. Every mother dedicates their life to their children’s well being. Their children are the whole world to them. As well as that, mother is the goddess who gives life to us and lives in the real world. Mother is the most valuable blessing in our lives. Because “mother” is not only a word, it has a deep meaning which we can never describe. Even when we hear that sound we feel very comfortable. She is so good that her words can heal us. Her lap is the most peaceful place and we can never find anywhere else like that.

Mother and baby

She is capable of doing anything for her children. She is full of many good qualities that have no limits such as kindness, innocence, prudence, honesty, courage, and strength. Thus, she can never be compared with anyone. So there is no one to take her place. She is a noblewoman who fulfills her duty without any advantages. Therefore she is very duty minded.

She dedicates her whole life to her children’s betterment. She always wishes her children from her whole heart every time. Her blessings are the best strength to her children’s victory. She always tries to show the right path to succeed in her children’s lives. At her children’s success she is the one who wishes them honestly and she is the turning point in their lives. She is an immortal character. Not only her virtues but also her love for her children are too much for words.

Mother and daughter

As children, we haven’t led a life without their warmth and safety. All of us should pay our debts for their service. I wish for all of the mothers who are in the whole world longevity and well-being from the bottom of my heart…

Happy Mother's Day

Article by: Nethmi Tharika


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