The Part of Schools In Teaching Good Behaviour


Schools play an essential role next to homes in the society in teaching good behaviours.

A child is starting his or her life from home. At home he receives real love from his mother and wide knowledge from his father. Also, if he has any siblings he learns spirit, courage and protection from them. This is the situation of a family only with father, mother and children.

If we take a big family, there are a few more family member lthan the small family. Grandfather,grandmother,uncle,aunt and the likes. From them, a child can learn some more good behaviours such as obedience, patience, trustworthiness and so on. Isn’t  it?

So, it’s clear that a child learns good behavior from his or her home itself. That’s why our ancestors suggested a maxim ‘’Good family refers to a University”.

Then, children come from such University or home to School to start their academic life. Normally, children go to universities after finishing their school life well. But, according to this point of view children come from universities to school. This ‘University’ means a place full of good behaviours. But, as mentioned earlier ‘university’ means a place full of studies and lessons.

In schools, children not only learn education but also good manners. School is a small unit in the society which includes Principal, Teachers and Students. So, it’s the main duty of each child to get the education at the meantime the good habits too.

If we take Principals, they are the main heads of the schools. They should take full responsibility in developing the school to the high level with the help of students. Therefore, they have to be stern and strict with the students always. The main reason for being strict is making the students to learn the good manners.

If we take teachers, they are the back bones of the school society. Because they teach the students some good habits such as respecting the rules and regulations and maintaining  unity and harmony, the way of speaking with others, helping others etc with the lessons.

If we consider students, they show us how to be friendly and kind to others.

”Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders”- Likewise, it’s essential to learn good behaviour from low levels like schools to be good citizens of the country.

May I conclude, that if all of us learn good behaviour together with lessons, certainly there will be no place for the word ‘violence’ in future!

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