The Renaissance 2014


A renaissance cannot happen at any point in time, just because a few individuals think it is necessary. It has a slow buildup, one that requires time, energy and knowledge, and when all these factors are in the right place at the right time, then a renaissance can happen. It is a revival, a renewed interest in something.
The phoenix is an ancient symbol of rebirth and it is only fitting that this symbol is used to represent the strength and renewal of FOS Media. This beautiful bird dies and is reborn from its own ashes, FOS Media too will re-launch itself as a full-fledged media unit within the University of Colombo.
There is no better word other than renaissance, to describe what will take place within FOS Media today. What started out as a single official blog managed by the students of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, has blossomed into a multifaceted Media unit, which runs independently under the guiding hand of the administration. It has given a legitimate and far reaching platform for undergraduates in the Faculty of Science to voice their thoughts and findings, and as of recently, it has ventured into reporting on all events that take place within the Faculty and beyond.
To celebrate the re-launch of this new and renewed face of FOS Media, a very special event, ‘The Renaissance’ will be held at the auditorium of the Department of Mathematics on the 31st of October 2014, from 3 pm onward.