The second episode of the French


lesson(Le deuxiem épisode du leçon Français)

In this episode I would eager to discuss the nouns. (norms)of the French Language.
Nouns (Norms) – According to the terms and regulations of French Language, nouns are defined to be the things which are living or non living. French nouns are classified into these two genders. According to English language, nouns are classified in to three genders such as Feminine, Masculine and Neutral.
Therefore, by-wording every noun followed by an article in-front of it can recognize to which category any noun belongs in French. In spite of having several regulations and conventions in French to identify the gender of the noun, the suitable usage of the article can realize through the gender of the noun. Let’s recognize the fundamental gender bias of the French language as follows.
‘Le’ is assigned in front of every unique masculine noun and similarly ‘La’ is assigned in front of every unique feminine noun. Here, It has been mentioned some masculine and feminine nouns occupying with their relevant article.

Le crayon- The pencil
Le chien- The Dog
Le Pain- The bread
Le cahier-The exercise book
Le cousin- The cousin

La chaise- The chair.
La lune- The moon
La serviette- The serviette
La cigarette- The cigarette
La sœur- The sister
Les article (The articles)

1) Definite Articles (Articles definis)
2) Indefinite Articles (Articles indefinis)

According to the sycophant of French language, there is no any certain dissident of Living and Non-living. All living and non-living objects are being assigned the gender bias regularly.

Definite Articles (Articles definis)
According to English language, the definite articles is ‘the’ likewise in French ‘le’ and ‘la’ are used as singular definite articles ‘un; is used for masculine nouns and ‘une’ is used for the feminine nouns. ‘les’ is the plural definite article which is used for both masculine and feminine simultaneously.

Indefinite Articles (Article indefinis)
In English ‘a’, ‘an’ are known as indefinite articles, likely ‘un’ and ‘une’ are used as singular indefinite Articles in French respecting the gender bias. The plural indefinite article is ‘des’.

For instance(Pour Instance/ Exemple)
Les Articles(The Articles)/Masculin(masculine)/Singuliar(Singular)

le chien
le crayon
le Pain
le cousin


un chien
un Crayon
un pain
un cousin

Les articles (The articles)/ Femini(Feminine)/ Singular(Singular)
La chaise
La lune
La Sœur
La serviette
La cigarette

une chaise
une lune
une sœur
une serviette
une cigarette

In French, there are many linguistic rules and conventions to convert the singular nouns into plural nouns respecting masculine and feminine. In here, you will learn how to occupy the articles in front of the plural nouns in French language. As I mentioned earlier there are definite and indefinite articles of plural form.

Les Crayons- the pencils
Les Stylos- the pens
Les Cahiers- the exercise books
Les Livres- the books

Indefinis nouns
des Crayons
des Stylos
des cahiers
des Livres

Les robes- the Frocks
Les cigarettes- the cigarettes
Les fleurs- the flowers

des robes
des cigarettes
des fleurs

In my next episode I will explain you how to form plural forms of nouns according to the linguistic platform of French Language.

Composed by Amila Perera
Composé par Amila Perera
Merci beaucoup (Thank you very much)