The Sickle


It’s been a long time, a long time indeed

Since I’ve been this alone, where is she

Who once upon a time would’ve been

A beacon of light for all to see?

I call for her with all my might

Yet it seems I no longer am in her sight.

I blame her not,

I can relate

I too see no worth in myself,

How long have we

Come down this dreary road

No spark left now

To kindle this fire long gone.

Alas, time’s sickle

It’s finally struck down

Unwilling to let us rise

From the ashes anew.

It’s been a life of glory

No need for me to lie,

Much to be proud of

And yet here I sigh

Who dare say they care not for life?

And now, at last, it is time

For me to leave this world behind.


Written by: Shehara De Silva


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