The Two Stars


Fortuitously met two stars, both bright and shining diversely.

One is yellow and one is blue, they braced the friendship very quickly.

On that sun’s day, only smiles and happiness was there,

Where the two stars whisper the new bond to the air.


Just like the water in a waterfall, falls to a depth unknown,

Their conversations were deep, entrancing and felt like home.

One star faced its first death, it was abrupt, and the star lost its light and shine.

But time gave answers where it again attained its glisten and might.


Without even knowing how it feels at your first death, the yellow star too wanted to feel it.

But blue star knew what hell felt like and asked its friend to stay away from the commit.

Many seasons come and go, and the two stars changed because that’s nature.

But their friendship remains, hence they never become each other’s strangers.


These stars will be each other’s light when they feel like their rays aren’t bright.

Storms always have been on their way, but still, they are so fine.

To find their path, oh! that’s why they met in the same sky.

Live in different galaxies, yet they keep their bond alive.


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