Tides Are Changing


Have you ever seen a humpback whale,
Glide through deep water, slapping its tail?
A mighty paragon, never frail
Yet, finds its match in plastic, stale.

Ghost nets a plenty, in murky sea
Killing in silence, no chance to flee
One can never know, where they might be
Submerged turtle, eyes open, but can’t see.

Sea birds fly, soaring high in the sky
Swoop down to nab, what catches their eye
Such pain to chew chemicals and dye,
This is why marine birds starve and die.

And here we are, the reason complete
Why beasts of the sea, can’t even eat
We watch as they drop dead, at our feet
Soon they will go extinct, from defeat.

Must we throw our trash, into water?
How can we rest, causing this slaughter?
Does your heart not grieve, stop and falter?
Don’t you see, that our ways must alter?

So here we are, on the eighth of June
World Ocean Day, it has come so soon
The tides are changing, each passing noon
Let’s coexist, for many a moon.


Image courtesy: http://bit.ly/43KQdCj

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