Time, The Greatest Teacher


Fluid, lucid, ambiguous, and vague

All at once mixed together.

Time is rather a difficult concept

To grasp and to comprehend.


But, in its own way of telling

Time will teach you a lot of things.


It will teach you to love a bit more

Even to the person whom you love most.

And to gift a simple smile to that person

Whom you used to hate all your life.


Time will tell you again and again, that living

And enjoying the present is more important than

Worrying about an unpredictable future

Or repenting on an unchangeable past.


It will also show you clear as a crystal

That there need not be any reasons or excuses

When it’s the time to let go,

Or when it’s the time to hold on.


Time will remind you in a subtle way

To love yourself first,

And then to your dear ones secondly.

As it is the right thing to do.


Among all the lessons time could teach

There’s one more yet to tell.


Most importantly time will teach you that,

Worst kinds of heartbreaks and wounds

Would never heal completely.

We just get used to living through the pain.


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3wOskbZ

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