To all the first year sisters and brothers


I was used to walk my life journey wearing the shoes of my mother and my father . One from my father and the other one from my mother. Before two years I had to give up walking on their shoes because I entered the university. I had to start walking using my own shows . But I did never know how to wear my shoes to walk on my own life . UNIVRSITY OF COLOBO FACULTY OF SCIENCE taught me the way to wear them to walk on life disturbing no one.
It happened right before two years . So I thought it would be nice to speak to all the newly admitted sisters and brothers using an article that would introduce me to all of you .

First let me say hi.. to all of you
Then let me ask like this “ How are you ”??

I will be happy to here all of you replying me saying “I’m fine ”

Dear sisters and brothers when I turn back to my life ,that was spent in the university before two years of time I feel it relates me wonderful stories of life . I feel it is really is nice to share some of the stories with all of you. Because it may teach you lessons of life and it may make you a better person , a far better person than me.

I would like to categorize my stories into two types .

Stories related to academics and stories related to non academics .

I will be starting with stories related to academics .
It was last month . January . The and year examination . After I attended the university I had and still have a dream of specializing in a certain area . It was the day for the paper of the so called subject area . I had hopes , expectations and dreams . So I believed I had studied all the parts covered by all the lectures . Yes I had studied them well.
It was 9.00 and the papers were distributed .
The fist question much more easier that I expected it to be. But the second . ………
I realized that I have missed writing a slide . I was upset . But I had to stand up . I did the paper .Walked out of the hall and questioned my friends . They said It was taught .

There I had done a mistake.

I had a nice habit of attending all the lectures . just a slide made me to be in trouble . A slide I had missed .

So can you all imagine the situation of students those who cut lectures . Those who do not read books . Those who do not attend tute classes .

Can you please imagine their situation during the examination .

SO my dear sisters and brothers let my to make a kind request
Attend all the lectures , get all the lecture notes . Listen to the lecture . Go to the library .. Read books . Ask questions .
Then you will never ever be in trouble during your exam.
To be honest exams are what shape your life with a name and a frame.
Decide who you are . So pay your attention . to academics . Do not make mistakes that I have made .

Story number two .
It was me and my friend studying together at the green tables that can be found at faculty of arts . We were discussing the some theory parts . I helped my friend with my knowledge and she helped me with her knowledge . We both were arguing on the same theory
I said You are wrong
She said nope… you are wrong
There was an argument
Finally went to a tutor and discussed with her
Two days latter it was the exam . The same theory was questioned .
If I had not done a discussion with my friend I could have done something wrong . but I did correct
It was done correct because of the discussion .
So let me make another request
Discusses every academic theory parts with you friend . Make a group . Be honest . Give others you knowledge and get something from them. Make your exams to be easy.
I’m speaking with my experience .
For I need you to be better .
Dear friends it more than enough for today . After three days I will see you with another two stories . I’m sure it will help you to walk you life with your own shoes
See you .