To The Gentle Souls


He was one in a mass so big and loud

His voice unheard, a murmur in the crowd

A meek, little creature scared of the hordes

He felt so small, at the point of million swords


For fear is a foe to those not bold

With a story to tell and a message to be told

Their legs may tremble and hands turn cold

And their burning words will go untold


To be heard by the ones who’d drowned him out

To be seen by the ones who’d made him doubt

He willed his wits, to leave not now

And gathered his nerve, to roar somehow


So to the gentle souls who deserve to be heard

Let your voice soar and inspire the herd

Stand up straight, poised, for all your scars

Moonlight drowns all but the brightest stars



Written By: Kaveesha Vidushinie


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