Two Minutes Please!

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“Wake-up! Wake-up! Waakkeee-uuupppp!” goes my phone alarm! “Two more minutes” I say to myself, put it to snooze and go back to sleep.

“Wake-up! Wake-up!” says my mom…. “Two minutes ma!” I say and go back to sleep!!

This is my daily routine of waking up! I am quite sure we all have experienced it to a certain degree.

The other day I was having this discussion with my dad about me always getting late, I told him “Pa I found the problem! It is not my fault… it’s just when I say two more minutes I end up getting even more late!” and gave him one of my sheepish smile, but little did I realise the importance of two minutes back then. Later on as I put some thought to what I said I realised that this two minutes is not just the cause behind me waking up late but all my epic timing failures!

Don’t we all do this! Ask for this two-minutes in some way or another for no real reason, but just so that we can procrastinate! That is it guys!!! All of those who keep asking for more time listen… you are a PROCRASTINATOR!

Hmmm… what harm in Procrastinating you ask? Well for one last minute tension! We are always in a hurry and that is not because we are busy ofcourse! That’s because we can’t manage time and why we aren’t able to do that? Obviously because we procrastinate!

It doesn’t only affect our academic work but also our relationships and day to day life. When our mom asks us to go and buy something from the shop we ask for some time! When our father wants us to do some of his office work we ask for some time! When our grand-parents want to talk to us we ask for some time! When our friends asks for a small favour we ask for some time! When we have to do something productive for our own betterment still we ask for some time! But beware all of you who ask for more time… it isn’t going to be there when you need it the most!

Ask from a person who lost a loved one or a student who just completed any competitive examination or from an athlete who just missed his/her gold by few milliseconds the importance of time!

Guys! It may all seem just fine now, because what could simply go wrong in asking for this additional two minutes? Well, when you really need those two minutes it wouldn’t be there. So all am asking you is to value time, yours and others. It is precious! Yes it will be hard to choose to do certain things over the other but start prioritizing. Do what’s important and be with those who are important because certain moments once gone can never be replaced! Let’s not make ourselves regret those two minutes!

I am definitely not the person to advice you on time management but all I just want to say is let’s not wait for the two minutes to happen… let’s make the two minutes happen!


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