Uncertain Times


The wise men I once knew would often say,

“Before you paint your masterpiece of dragons and magic,

You must let the final layer of paint on your sheet dry completely.

Otherwise, you will create an art so impure, and all souls know

That art mirrors the soul of the one that once made the strokes.”


Their secret to the creation of a masterpiece so pure,

Was to first, heal the mind, the heart, and the soul.

Then they advised to pen the poems and stroke the brushes,

And to create a masterpiece that brings peace to all those

Who are fortunate to lay their sight upon…


Often, they wondered, how a man who has never known peace

Could become a craftsman of any sort?

They used to say that these works would awaken chaos and rage,

Kept hidden inside of those that see, and create more chaos and rage,

Because not all heal with time.


So during these uncertain times, when my soul isn’t at peace

My mind is in chaos and my heart is filled with rage,

I stay on this humbling vast land and I look up to the stars,

To the moon, and hopefully to God,

I pray and I pray that they take all these emotions away,

So I can continue to pen my poems and stories

I pray and I pray that they bring me the peace I once knew,

As the ocean waves reach the shore

And they flow back to the deep ocean of home.


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3WjbsI2

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