She smiled a smile, tender and sweet

the thrill of first love she’d come to meet

the trees took note and spread their green

for Spring had been summoned to set the scene

as daylight inches in, on the morrow

the birds all sing as if they knew no sorrow

red, orange, yellow, all colours in bloom

nature laughed, leaving no room for gloom

Her heart alive as she knew no pain

in step with her, the world alive again

She smiled a smile, rueful and meek

the sting of heartbreak had made her weak

browning leaves fell leaving branches bare

for Fall had come with its ominous flair

the birds no more as they left unseen

soon all white shall be, where green had been

Though one thing’s certain as we pull the curtain

There is nothing certain but the uncertain


Written By: Kaveesha Vidushinie


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3COdXZ7

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