So you think you understand a woman so well? Think again


“We women are awesome creatures”. But sometimes we can be a little insecure, whiny and even complaining at times. It’s all part of being a woman. She will do everything what you ask her to do and everything else you ask her not to. She will make you twinge and bite your nails and scream and shout when everything else seems to fail.
She will tease you till you are on your knees and embarrass you for the whole world to see but at the end of the day you will realize that her ego is big, but her heart is bigger. She will always be by your side no matter what, as long as you treat her right and love her unconditionally. Pleasing a woman is not that hard. Let it be your mom, sister, best friend or girlfriend. All you need to do is show that you care, and just talk to her heart. We are deeply moved by the simplest thing that we get; a wish on a special day or a simple phone call to remind that she still matters.
I know that most men think women are annoying and that they piss you off and literally make your life a living hell. But you will also see that when a kind word comes out of her mouth it is genuine and will make your day for sure. Another thing that most men don’t realize is that we are quite sentimental. We get hurt for the littlest of things. So guys you must always think twice before you say something to a girl.
An important role that every woman plays is the role of mother. She will always be on your side and will selflessly put your needs before hers. Her love will make the impossible to possible. It shows how big a mother’s love is. So I would say that women are programmed to spread love. The world is a beautiful place because of her caring love.
Men always think that they are much more superior to us. But I beg to differ. I dare if you were asked to play the role of a woman for one day, you will end up wishing you had never asked for it. Yet I enjoy being a woman; we are adventurous yet gentle, thrill seekers yet calm and most of all we have passion and love that drives us. We work on instinct and they say that a woman’s instinct is always right. Some of the greatest personalities ever known to mankind are women. And dear guys, you must always keep this in mind “Never underestimate a woman with shiny hair and a twinkle in her eyes”.

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