Voyage Through Life


I’m not more than a passenger of the ship we call life 

grateful for what it showed me and the shores I survived.

Tides of happiness and a plethora of sorrows

Countless waves of people often said goodbye.


Like a navigator in the dark nights when foes act their way

showing me the way to reach islands I had never thought of.

Guardians I was gifted to have and to hold

oh, my loved ones held me tight on the way moving forward.


Like the stars who lit the way amidst the shadowy nights

thundering lights often scaring me to steer further

and when it was only me that held it all back,

the winds of time did their magic healing painful wounds.


What a journey it has all been

smiles, tears, broken hearts, and who knows what’s next

a ship with a helm but a map that could go anywhere

just waiting to start its adventure to the next port.


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