Waiting For You


Waiting for someone to come along

For something to bring along

Sooth my heart hurting for so long

Fill my life with your sweet cologne


Time I had with you was so sadly little

You gave an eternity within those days brittle

Handling carefully listening to the rattle

Letting me collect those memories to settle


There is no way I’m letting you go

Now that I know you could love me so

Even if my chances are very low

I will not take the answer as No


I’m counting all the days one by one now

To see what my heart yearns everything else above

Trying hard not to think and wondering how

Replaying precious memories of me and my love


Not far from you there’s light

Making darkness takes its flight

It’s your promise making me fight

Against the doubts of mighty might


Everyday Sun kisses good bye to Sea at horizon

And Sea is waiting calmly for the Sun to rise on

Next day and day after cause that’s her prize on

Like me waiting, waiting to meet you at the horizon


Image Courtesy : https://bit.ly/2UzjHCT
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