Walking, Myself and the Environment


After reading the winning blog article for the competition organized by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) in commemoration of world environment day 2015 which was held on June 5th, I was just fascinated in a way. There she had written how she used a bicycle as transportation to the university and by that she has contributed to reduce the harm to the environment. After going through the experience of her I was wondering why can’t I do something and am I really doing something to the environment and it was then that I realized I was doing something for some time.

It’s just something simple but as a student studying about the environment I know that there is some kind of good impact from that. So the thing I am doing is just walking to the university in the morning from the place I am staying and the way back again in the evening. It’s just about a 15 minutes walk and you must be wondering so what now? What am I getting from this? The first thing coming to your mind is that I save the bus fare which is just about 10 rupees and I’m insane not to spend 20 rupees for a day for transportation. Next I get to enjoy the nature and now you must be wondering what’s there around the university to enjoy except the roads and the buildings, but on either side of most of the roads around the university there are trees, and everyday I’m thankful that those are there providing shelter and coolness to the surrounding. Then I meet different people and I get to study their behaviors. Walking is good for my physical fitness. Above all it gives me self-satisfaction.

Walking and the environment, how are these two things go together? It’s just a simple phenomenon where you all know. Once you get the decision to walk instead of driving or travelling in a vehicle you contribute for the reduction of the environmental pollution, thus by the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases especially CO2 which is emitted by vehicles in the burning of fossil fuels. So that would lead to the reduction of contribution to the climate change which now has been a topic under discussion.

According to iCANwalk’s Canadian vehicle survey an average car emits 4 tonnes of CO2 in a year. So if a person leaves his/her car at home one day per week and how many tonnes of emitting CO2 is reduced? And when each one is practicing that? It will not only reduce emission of CO2 but other pollutants like vapors, other gases and particles.

So active transportation, like walking and cycling does not need fuel, thus no emissions. Therefore it would make your neighborhood, the city, country a place with good air to breathe in.

Imagine a world where seven billion of people think like this and start reducing the usage of vehicles, the world would become a far better place to live than what it is today. Become a wayfarer, a walking fan like me and contribute to your environment.

Source: http://www.preventobesity.net
Source: http://www.preventobesity.net



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