Demolished buildings covered in soot

Scattered debris, no one cares

The nauseating stink of blood and marred flesh

Muffled cries of pain echoing,

Dangling and gasping

For a breath…


Cowards hide but heroes rise

Marching forward, never looking backward

Covering their ears, hearing earsplitting gunshots

Bullets are flying, guns bellowing

The death shadowing…


Every moment, only the uncertainty of life

Soldiers fall, defending us, even at their swan song

They return, on the shoulders of the fellowship

Draped with a flag

Hearses covered in wreaths…


Widows are sobbing, mourning and cursing

Pyres are burning amidst the volleys

The glory awaits, a medal or a star

A mere symbol of valiance

Yes, there is a glory…

But can glory fill the burning fires of agony,

Of the ones who left?


Dedicated to our war heroes, by Ishara Nimeshi

Image Credits: https://bit.ly/3lolXb7

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