Waves of Change


Underneath, a sky so wide,

When the horizon meets the tide,

A World of Blue lies,

With endless dreams and highs,

Whispering waves, Proud roars,

Hold the rich and the gold!


From coral realms where colors gleam,

Where whales sing in deep,

And dolphins dance free.

Where turtles spin and spin and spin,

All, which carry tales untold,

Our oceans are rich and bold!


But, now what do we hear?

A call? A cry? A request?

A plea so pure,

Calling an action, swift and sure.

Oceans so blue! Sky so gray!

Begging us to change, our way, today.


The plastic tides, they rise and choke,

The hulking whales, and the playful dolphs.

The mighty reefs, they bleach and broke.

The warming seas, they swell and rise.

The Calming Mother, she cries and wails.


Now, what do we do?

Awaken new depths, both near and far.

In the hearts of all, let action steer,

From shore to shore, let the voices hear,

All, hand-in-hand to save our dear.


Make today, June 8th, your day,

For every drop, for every wave,

For every creature who is brave,

For our mighty ocean, for our clime,

Make this moment, truly prime!


Image Courtesy: Author

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