Weird how things change…


As time is drawing closer to the end of the first semester of the very first year at the University of Colombo, with exams hovering in the atmosphere amidst piled up work, stacks of notes and different kinds of sighs (fed up -’ had enough’ sighs , ‘got it finally’ sighs, ‘why do we have exams’ sighs etc ), looking beyond all this for a while, from the day one in the middle of a sea of strange faces,  to now; at some things that have changed . . .  😉

Suddenly life doesn’t seem so bleak

From dreary dull grey skies,

where loneliness and vulnerability reigned,

To skies of brighter hues,

Making you want to keep wondering and dreaming,

 of what tomorrow may hold…

And to think that all it takes is perhaps,

 the mere discovery of another existence…

Simply leaving behind the thought,

 Isn’t it weird how things change?


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