What Makes A Human?


The way of a human;
Was to follow the path of righteousness
Even in the dark,
To be selfless and not boast,
To be kind to those who need it the most,
And to forgive those who wronged you
Even if the scar is still new,
To acquire power only to always lead
And to never look down on those who look up at you…

Yet here we are…
Where the righteousness followed so rigidly,
Makes one lose all sense of morality
The selflessness of a kind heart
Shall bring forth his own demise
The simple acts of kindness often scoffed upon
And forgiveness all forgotten
With hatred riding high!
Those who ought to lead the way,
Twisted and filled with greed so powerful
That brings it shall one’s own downfall…

This is what now humanity has become!
This is how the once peaceful world,
Fell into the depths of chaos!
And the sense of order lost in it…

Yet as I dwell deep,
Trying to answer an age-old query :
What is it really to be a man?
A living soul? A human?
An answer slowly crawls its way into my mind…
For it finally dawned upon this troubled mind
That if it weren’t for these chaotic flaws, that our wills bend…
Would we even be considered humans in the end?


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3ceEYfY

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