Where words cease to exist

Nadeeshani , 0 Comments

Picking memories I remember and understand;

You taught me how to swim,

Teaching me to love the water and enjoy it,

Never to fear what may perhaps even drown you,

which maybe why every now and then, I pity and shrug off haters,

wishing them a good life…

You taught me how to ride the bicycle,

Showing me that every fall and cut, are just signs of true success,

Ones that you’ll cherish, once the glory is all yours…

which maybe why, when I’m forced to step back in a losing battle,

I somehow find the strength to move ten steps forward

From you I learnt that money isn’t everything…

How being genuine and caring, brings you to a higher place,

with more friends and most importantly, true happiness!

To fight every battle with honour and faith,

not to shoot down the loser but to fight for what’s yours and right…

For crowning me Princess in your world and everything you’ve given me,

trying to pen down all I feel,

That’s where words cease to exist…


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