Who you are… Where you’re from… Does it matter?


Who you are?
Where you’re from?
What you did?
No matter love me!!!
I don’t know how I should tell you the story behind my tears.
But I think it’s a must to tell. May it be a thought for the whole universe.

I don’t know from where I came. But at one point, I am pretty sure, I too had the same origin as you.
First began with a zygote then developed to an embryo then to a fetus and to a baby. As you all, I didn’t know where I was and never knew definitions of religion, cast or the creed when I was inside my mother’s womb.
I too was fed by my mother’s milk during the first six months of my life as you were.
What makes this much distance between us? Is it my skin colour? Yeah I agree with you all. I am dark in complexion. That’s just because of melanin inside my body. Skin is the darkest thing in my story.

Sometimes I feel that I lost everything because I am a black one. But am I able to change my skin colour? No, it’s impossible. It is the identity of my nation.
Why can’t I go to school as you? School door is closed for me.
Oh why is that? Is that because of my skin colour? You can read! You can write! But why it’s not for me? I have tons of heavy goods to carry along ten miles.  I should wake up very early in the morning. No freedom to be with my family.
I am the one who earning money for my family. Yet I am enjoying my life, because I am doing something for the world. But why can’t I experience love from you my sir? Why are you always there to scold me? I promise you to be more faithful as a servant. Just be kind enough for me. I am someone just the same as your son. But I am dark that’s the only difference.
If you cut my skin and take my blood, it’s red as yours. If you count my bones after my death it’s equal with yours.
My dear sir please listen
I am yelling here
Saying one slogan!!!
Who you are
Where you’re from
No matter
Love me!!!