Wish you a Happy 3rd anniversary


I see my life as a book and I call it “my book of life”. The chapters written inside the pages of this book relates stories that introduce myself to, readers of my life. There is one such chapter, which would relate the stories of most beautiful and happiest days in life.

I name the chapter with the tittle “FOS  Media “. Let me present my readers, the most interesting chapter of my book of life.

Chapter seven” FOS Media ”

It was the afternoon of 2013- 08- 18. I got a kind and a respectful request by the senior student Mr. Pubudu Nawarathna, (who, later became an exemplary character in academics) inviting me to join with the FOS blog , which had been started in 2013- 04- 02 . In his words FOS BLOG is the official blog page of faculty of science university of Colombo which had been established under the guidance of Dr. Hiran Jayaweera, in order to develop the scientific writing ability of faculty students to promote science, while building the soft skills of creative writing.

FOS Media team, before sharing hands with students, had already started  live streaming events such as Shradanjalee 2012, which had taken place in 2012-05-21 .

Me as a first year student, was delighted and happy with the request that I received from Mr. Pubudu and I wanted to join the process of promoting , scientific writing and creative writing, among the university students. The request was accepted by me with much respect and I joined the FOS Media as a blogger to relate stories to readers as my interest was always into story telling. And that’s how I began my life as a FOS blogger. One fine day, at noon, all the bloggers were invited to the ITU for a meeting on the things that had been planned for the future. And it was my first meeting with the respective instructors and with all the third year, second year and first year bloggers.

I never ever expected, that day would make me meet with a set of people, who would probably last in my memories for an entire life time.

The first is, always Mr. Muditha Bandara, (one of the most beautiful characters I have ever met in my life) Then, Mr. Amal, Mr. Nipuna and Mr. Navoda (talented people in making a person burst in laughter). I must mention that they are the pioneer ITU staff of FOS Media. And that day was the same day, I met with the third year bloggers. If I’m to mention them by name, Mr. Pubudu ( An exemplary character) and Mr. Yasas, ( one of the most artistic men ) , Mr. Gasitha ( So quiet that I have never heard his voice ). Miss shenya (A girl with super talents ). Charith Samarasekara , The Naana ( A life time friend to me ), Mr. Janith thenuwara ( a funny guy) and Mr. Kiruthiran ( an all-rounder) were the second year bloggers I met. Especially the same meeting was the first ‘’Hi’’ to bloggers, who were my batch mates. They are Miss. Pathmeswaran ( A heart to melt and an ear to listen ) Miss Rehani ( A loving lady with a pretty smile ) Mr. Weerasekara (The revolutionist and a nice friend ) Miss Anupama ( The most pretty writer) Mr. Geeth ( The unsolved puzzle),  Mr. Heshan ( too good and sensitive to the world ) Mr. Sachitha (A kind man with a creative mind) Miss Moulana ( A gold medal and a leading captain ) Miss Dilani ( The master mind and my friend ) Miss Dilini ( My partner in crime and my life time friend ), Miss Udari (The tallest among all the girls) Mr. Amila (A future professor in chemistry), Mr. Fadil ( difficult to describe) And Thulange (A very good friend to me) The meeting ended with hopes for a successful future.

With the year 2013 ending all the third year bloggers started their fourth year, the second year bloggers started the third year and we started our second year. The first semester of the second year was the hardest period for me to go through. I had to sit for fourteen papers that covered thirty four credits. The reason was, dengue fever which made me incapable to sit for my first year first semester exams. I was clueless, on how to cover thirty four credits in six months. I was searching for help everywhere. It was the FOS family helped me with academics and strength to face the challenge. I should convey my thanks to all of them for the support they gave in covering thirty for credits

With the beginning of 2014 it was the welcome for a new set of bloggers and reporters from the first year. Now they have become the life blood of FOS Media.

They are Mr. Akmeemana ( The loving strength of FOS Media) Mr. Swaranga ( My darling brother) Mr. Mudith Ekanayaka ( The energy of the team ) Mr. Kelum ( Looks calm, though not ) Mr. Hasith( The mind among all the minds) Mr. Buditha ( looks innocent , though he is not) Mr. Dilshan ( The cutest smile ) Mr. Gambeera ( An awarded actor ) Mr. Danajaya ( The most calm man) , Mr. Supun Anuradha ( The clever writer) Mr. Pasindu and Mr. Champika ( the future chemists ) Mr. Manuja ( A kind man with a nice smile ) Mr. Manuel (The most honest heart ) Mr. Ruvinda ( The camera man) Mr. Sri ( A true human been ) , Mr. Withaksha ( an announcer) The ladies power, Miss Amaya (I call her the Miss. Personality). Miss Manusha( My ever loving sister) Miss. Amanda Navodini( The darling brave girl ) Miss Rankothgedara ( Prettiest among all) Miss. Opallage (Friend for the entire life time). Miss Bhagya( looks innocent ). Miss Anurudhdhika (A true poet) Miss. Maddumage (A studious girl) Miss Nishara ( quiet as always) Miss Piumi ( The beauty)and Miss. Shemaya( the girl with the most beautiful eyes)

After few months spent, it was the day for us to say “Good bye” to all the ITU instructors those who started and implemented the FOS Media . And I would say that they have done a great service in order to gain the goal of promoting science among all the university students.

Two or three days later, we said ‘’ Hi’’ to all the new ITU instructors, who share the hands with us at present, the first to mention is Mr. Chinthana Samarasekara (a very friendly person and easy to deal with). Then Mr. Eranda Tennakoon (honestly, a nut and a half, but he is a nice person with deep thoughts) Also Mr. Udana Weththasinghe (an Artistic man who looks calm but…. maybe not) And Mr. Prabhath Wijesinghe. (a funny man). Though he is not in the country at present Mr. Lakitha Omal ( a very nice and a kind man ) is a name that I must mention as he was with us – FOS  media.

Time was flying, requesting the year 2015 to begin.

In 2015, my super seniors were to be demonstrators, immediate seniors to be forth years, ourselves to be third years and my immediate juniors to be second years. The year introduced a new set of faces to the university as first years. So, us – the FOS Media family decided to welcome the first years to the family. And now they have now become my darling little brothers and sisters.

IF I start naming them, the first to start with is Miss Pavithra Dissanayaka (my partner in mission and I love and respect her as much as I do to my own sister) Then Miss Pavithra Perera. (a true sister of mine, who would give me the strength, when I fall down.) Then Miss Hashani Lokugama (who I think would make a great poet in the future), Miss Dinushi (always straight forward and I respect her for that), Miss Hasanki( my partner in balloon dance), Miss Erandi De Silva( my darling girl, who would keep laughing with me, for hours), Miss Chrishma Perera ( Who would always help the people who are suffering ) Miss Shashini ( she is calm quiet and innocent) , Miss Ama Imasha ( She has the most beautiful smile among all the first year bloggers) And miss Dimuthu ( a very good daughter to her parents). Mr. Tharindu (a good boy with an innocent smile) Mr. Nuwanga ( my best assistant  in research) Mr. Shalitha (a voice that I’m dreaming to present a radio program with) Mr. Shehan ( The cutest smile among all the second years)  Mr. Ranjeewa Kumara ( he is really very sweet) Mr. Navodya Jayasinghe( the most talented all-rounder) Mr. Rashintha( A master in IT) Mr. Sachchitha ( The darling musician) Mr. Lahiru ( simple and innocent) Mr. Lakshan and Mr. Chathurinda( Look innocent). 2015 ended. We became the fourth years, second years became the third years, first years of 2015, became second years, and my seniors started their careers as leading professionals. And the family expanded.

Now we – the family is looking forward to welcome a very new set of sisters and brothers from the first year to our FOS Media family. It would happen in few weeks’ time. And they will become the future hope of us. And finally myself. (…………………) I always leave me with a blank, closed by brackets and anyone can fill it in any way they wish. Because I’m always left as a blank.


That is what I have written so far inside the pages of the “The seventh chapter” of “My book of life”. I’m sure I will be writing the same chapter till I close my eyes to sleep eternally. But I should write that, When I started my life here at faculty of science, University of Colombo I was with empty hands. There was nothing that I could not imagine to live without.

Now things have changed. FOS Media family has become a reason that would make me cry, making it impossible for me to leave as this unstoppable time reaches 2017.  I wish I could stay longer as a “Student blogger”. Time changes everything, but life must go on. I hope FOS Media would become better and better with new faces joining the family. I just know one thing, I always wish and I always want the best in the universe to happen to all of them. Because, they have become a part of my life. I respect them all and I love them all as they are the cutest and the best I have ever met in my life.

I thank them sincerely, for making me burst in laughter, when the world made me feel like I’m just a blank. And I’m waiting to give my hand to them, if they ever feel that they are left alone by the world.

Wish you a Happy 3rd anniversary my dear FOS Media Students’ Blog!