With Love, to a Birch Tree


A single birch tree lay ahead as I peeked through the rushes. This was a dream, a happy dream. This is a dream, that became reality…

Waking up; seems like a trivial thing, but when nightmares haunt you chaos follows…

The shadowy and murky feeling of partially faded memories cling like dewdrops on the morning grass blades…

Sometimes, it’s never-ending hallways. Wandering lost and alone, in a maddening state as nothing searched for is found…

The other times, deep waters. A step on the ledge at all times, drowning as the darkness engulfs…

A few lines from 1977 float in my mind, the smooth voice of Bill Withers singing about waking up in the morning, with the sunlight hurting and a thought bearing heavy on mind

Then I look at you, and the world is alright with me. Just one look at you, and I know it’s going to be, a lovely day…

With Love, to a Birch Tree…


Echo of the rain, a gentle pitter-pat,
My fingers on your nose –
Slow and steady imprint
Repetitive again, two hearts were that,
A corner remain, on a blanket we sat

As seasons flew, two became one,
Your hand in mine –
My thoughts in yours
Smiled as we grew, the battles we won,
Conscience knew, promises never undone

Dreary the morning, in nightmares, caught,
Isolated dark hallways –
Nay, deep black depths
Woke up groaning, together we fought,
Colors combining, calmness you brought

Existence mine whole, you are everything,
Kiss of the dawn –
Cuddle of the stars
A fluttery ode, my birch tree talking,
Floating abode, forever gently rowing…

Birch tree
And then, as the morning slips into lying awake, a simple “Good morning” goes a way that words don’t seem to follow. And your fears become a mug that warms up with the heat of tea, someone’s warmth. Little wisps of love curl in the air…


Close your eyes halfway, and tell me, what do you see? Comfily tucked in warm blankets you dream of a golden haze of greenery, the leaves dusted with flakes, and a warm wind blowing. It’s where time stands still. Dreams are where we pause in between the reality of today, the memories of yesterday, and the wishes of tomorrow. Where fantasy collides with shapeless forms of the real world to form an ethereal and magic movie.

Birch tree
Open your eyes, in your dreams…

The soft caress of a leaf on your cheek opens your heavy eyelids as you gaze at the magical landscape.  A birch tree caught your eyes, emanating in an angelic glow. Kick-off to fly in between the grassy fields and leafy canopies above. You smile at the silvery barks as you fashion a beautiful crown of dried leaves and gingerly place it on your head. And the princess of the dreamy fields that you are, zooms in between the trees in bliss. Slowly the shining gold begins to grow more radiant and bright. And the white light engulfs you as you open your eyes to a real caress on your cheeks. And a whisper of “Good Morning” prickles your ears as you wake up slowly, your crown still on your head.

Wishing that each morning you wake up is filled with heartstrings plucking in an amazing warmth. Wishing that each dream you glimpse at is as sweet as the warmth you pour into me.

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