Within Me


Blinding my eyes, flashes and swirling footlights,

Chock-a-block! Rocking heads below me jamming,

Wrapped in metal, leather and spiked blue hair,

I was belting out stroking string to string,


“This is magic”; they said,


It was me screaming,

It was me battling,

The dark cloud looming over my head,

Wait! Why in God’s name did they whirl and twirl?


Moon returned home, over and over again,

Yet, everything looked exactly the same,

Twisted blank darkness still surrounding me,

Trapped inside an upturned glass,

Sensing a paranoid, hauling within me,

Hearing the whirlwind, seething within me,


I tried, tried harder,

Sought a safe heaven for the unkempt,

Thought my bullet lines pierced them, but NO;

They were discoing to my death beat,

My mind now engraved to stone,

I guess now, it’s time to go cold,


I woke up, my body beside me solidified,

Hoaxers, cheeks aren’t drying,

Are their hearts calling out for me?

“Why didn’t I break the glass?” I blamed myself,

Later, “He was a dopehead”, they blamed me,

No; no one will ever ingest my bearings,

I neither wanna live nor die,

I’ll rather wander chasing the meaning of life,

Break the stigma it carries, open thy eyes wide.


Written By: Indushika Anjanee


Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3BQPGAj

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