Without you


Do not smile to me

In the very same sincere way

You always used to be

Cause I can’t help

Falling in love with your smile…..


Do not look at me

With your twinkling eyes

Cause they speak silently

And tell me that

You love me…..


Do not walk near me

Cause I may think

That you are just for my sake…..


Do not stand behind me

And let me feel like

You are a strength

Cause I’m afraid

That I will seek your shelter again……


Do not come to meet my eyes

Cause I’m pretty sure

That I will miss your sight

When we parted…..


Do not step along my way

Cause it make me believe

That you need me…..


Do not offer your hand

Ever when I fall down

Cause I fear losing it…..


Do not come and wipe my tears

When I forgot my laughter

Cause I want to learn

To live without you…..