World Environment Day


The lush green gown she so boldly wears

With its daring seasonal swings,

Blue hues of hair, all jeweled and colored,

There’s a mystery, as to what she brings.

There are gems in her pleats,

Zephyrs of hope

And life,

In her pockets.

Healing tears and beautiful smiles,

Mother Nature, the Queen of Earth…

# ‘Only One Earth’


June 5th is here; the day we salute and acknowledge the immense role our environment plays to make life possible on Earth; the day we reflect on how we can help our Earth survive in return.

Nature has made itself favorable and given all beings the vital factors for survival, since the beginning of time. But each year, the amount of pressing issues that surface has made environment enthusiasts concerned.

Each year, there’s a stronger plea to save our planet Earth.

With the pace with which the world is urbanizing, there are more man-made innovations and less greenery and wildlife. Factories are churning out more chemical waste, smoke, and plastic. The water, air, and soils are clogged up with harmful pollutants. Species are threatened with extinction due to poaching, loss of habitats, and harmful waste. There’s excessive mining for fossil fuels and minerals. Projects are clearing up Earth’s lands, natural forests, and ecosystems for industrialization at a breakneck speed, and nature can’t keep up.

The Earth’s a beautiful place; the only planet with life. There’s an abundance of food, water, mineral resources, and greenery. It’s home to all organisms. There are different ecosystems, natural protection, and climatic changes to accommodate organisms that are adapted to them. But humans tend to forget that we’re only one of the very many species depending on nature. We’ve been disrupting the balance and distorting the humble fundamentals of nature. There are chemicals in the air, pollutants, and non-degrading waste in our seas. This unwanted overuse and intentional pollution of our surroundings have threatened all other beings too. We’re turning Mother Nature into a barren wasteland.

This year’s theme calls us to, ‘Live Sustainably in Harmony with Nature.’ The balance is shifting and Earth isn’t as it used to be. Human-centered development has nearly excluded the space for nature’s existence. There are drastic changes in climate, less fauna and flora, species on the verge of extinction, crumbling ecosystems, and few resources left.

Nature is struggling to give us the air we breathe, the protection and means of survival we take for granted and the resources we so overly abuse. So it isn’t merely about protecting, this year, but allowing nature to heal too.


It’s high time we reduce the pollution and emission of harmful substances; use the non-renewable resources more carefully and efficiently and develop other Eco-friendly energy sources to meet the demands.

Move on to growing more trees, using environment-safe applications and bio-degradable polymers. Work towards conserving ecosystems, protecting wild and marine life, and giving Nature the space and control it needs to keep the world moving because,

after all, we’ve only got ‘One Earth.’


Written By: Renata Steinwall


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