World Music Day


Heads Up, music lovers!

Every year on June 21st, the world comes together to celebrate the unifying power of music.

Beyond the melodies,

That rise and fall,

It hid a tale went through rain and shine…

Where the words failed to speak,

It became the universal echo,

That everyone feels…

When the darkest night arrives,

Could it really be,

The healer of one’s broken soul???

Well, what do you think? Wait until the end and you will surely know it.

The World Music Day is also known as Fête de la Musique. This is an international event that celebrates the beauty and diversity of music. It transcends boundaries, cultures and genres, encouraging people from all corners of the world to embrace music. This is a great chance for you to break free from your usual playlists and discover hidden gems in global music.

This day originated in France in 1982 with a simple yet beautiful idea to make free, live music accessible to everyone. What began as a local event in Paris quickly spread across the globe and was embraced by musicians and music lovers alike.

As all music genres are encouraged on World Music Day, you could listen to a rock group, hip-hop music, rap, an orchestra, a choir, a raga, recorded music, our Folk music like Baila, Viridu and Nurthi, a sound system or a DJ. It’s a great way to discover types of music that you didn’t know before.

This year, for World Music Day, we embrace the theme of “Harmony in Diversity”. In a world often marked by division and discord, music stands as a beacon of unity. It is a reminder that despite our differences, we are bound together by our shared humanity.

Engaging with music offers numerous benefits. Studies have shown that playing or listening to music can enhance cognitive functions, improve memory retention, and reduce stress. Moreover, participation in musical activities will bring you a change. It would allow you to take a break from your academics and you would be able to make lifelong, unforgettable memories with the people you cherish.

World Music Day reminds us that music is a powerful force for good. It has the ability to uplift our spirits, inspire creativity, and connect us to something larger than ourselves. It may be able to take you on a journey to a faraway place and time, evoking nostalgic memories of old days and loved ones no longer with us today. Some of our favorite songs can lift us up out of depression and worry, and make a horrible day suddenly seem like it’s not so bad.

Remember, don’t forget to revisit your old favorites or discover new artists from different cultures on this World Music Day. So let us raise our voices and instruments in celebration of this universal language where we find not only joy but also solace, healing, and hope.

Now let me ask you again… what do you think?

For me, I guess it could be a healer… because that’s what Music is… isn’t it?

Written By: Dulyana Silva


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