Year 2050 Will Yield….?


Each and every year there will be lots of changes occur day to day life in this world. Likewise, by moving from 202nd decade, now we have to be ready to face the upcoming 205th decade, which it’s 2050…! That’ll be fine and fantastic year.There will be much scientific changes in every field such as Medicine, Communication, Transportation, Agriculture, Education, Industries and so on. Apart from these revolution, the year 2050 will be declared as a “Nano-technology year” according to the scientific method.

In that era, we can expect a sophisticated scientific world. Yes! everything will be computerized!! Robots will be the assistants to many of our works. We’ll clearly focus on them by comparing an account of a person day life into our mind. In this 202nd decade, from morning to night a person has to apply his or her energy for many needs. But in 2050 the situation will be converse to that.

In the morning, robots will help us in getting up early. They will prepare the breakfast themselves. Only, we’ll have to swallow that. Nowadays, many children do not prefer to go to School. But, in 2050 we can continue our education through our i-pads or Laptops by staying at home. Also, we need not to study for six hours only an hour is enough to have a revision. If we want to go to malls the work will be completed within a minute. Only our work will be calling our Robot. Also, we can shift to space in anytime with the help of our robots.

In communication, we can even travel  to any countries without VISA and passport if we want to connect us with our relatives. I think Skype, Facebook and E-mail systems will be useless at that period. In Transportation, there won’t be buses, vans, cars etc. Robots will travel over the sea, land  and sky modes and finish our needs simply.

In Agriculture, farmers will depend mainly on Robots for most of their professional matters. Farmers can have a deep sleep and enjoy the life with their families by staying at their huts. In Medicine, there won’t be Doctors and Nurses. Robots will rule the hospital and dispensaries themselves with nano-tech medical equipment.

In Industries and factories, laborers and staffs will be free from works. Robots will do all the works together without the help of engines and the other machines. The economic standard of a country will be promoted via the high quality and large quantity products by these nano tech robots.

Although we gain lots of advantages by this nano-technology, people will die soon by non-epidemic diseases such as heart-attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. Also, our ‘future leaders’ will be sluggished.

However, the human life is short. It is our privilege to lead our life in an enjoyable manner. At the bottom line, whatever joys happen in 2050 there will be a limit for everything since Robots are artificial humans not real humans…!

“If there is a beginning there will an end for everything”

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