YOU are capable


The path may look dark and treacherous

For the path is narrow and the skies are gray

Everything might seem to go wrong

For nothing goes right and sane

Everyone might give up on you,

For you may seem worthless and not so cool

The breath may feel heavy and suffocating

For the hope is dead

And the pain is endless.

People will jeer at you

To bring tears to you,

Making you lose hope and courage

that’s gonna knock you down

despite the arduous effort you make.

Life will be shattered and

full of negative thoughts

Making you run and hide.

Yet as long as you try

Fear not, for you won’t fail.

Put on a smile

Keep your head up

And be full of joy, like a vivid rainbow

For a child you are brave

to stand through the storm

and to face all the battles.

Days will come when the pain ends

For your success is never too far away.

Trust yourself, for you have promises to keep

and to prove them wrong

For the best thing that had ever happened to you,

is YOU!


Written By: Piyumali Samarakoon


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