Your God Or Mine


Offerings and sacrifices for blessings in return,

Prayers and pleas, never-ending terms.

Set by the Supreme One, regulations and rules,

To argue? dare not, what’s right and what’s wrong.


So many Gods, so many homes,

So many different guides and notes,

Is it to contend or is it to accept?

The creator of us, what did he intend?

Was it beauty or a cause of dissent?


A simple man had one single doubt,

If we both looked the same,

The same air, the same food, the same smile,

The same way we were born and will die,

Why a different prayer, why a different god to guide?


Why did he divide us? Or was it many of them?

They themselves split up, made us adherent to each of them?

Wait! Hold up, is he even existent?

I haven’t encountered him or any of his visions.

Is God at all a real one, or were our minds in conception?


Written by: Siththara Salgado


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