La cinquième leçon



Hi, my dear friends, I would fond to introduce you some other masculine and feminine nouns. The masculine nouns which are ended up with ‘ien’ can be transformed to their respective feminine forms by doubling ‘n’ and adding ‘e’ at the end such as following
1) Italian- Italianne
2)Indian- Indianne

C) The masculine nouns which are ended up with ‘er’ will be changed as ‘ère’ when they are exchanged to their respective feminine nouns.

2)eficier- eficière
3) Boulanger- Boulangère

d)The masculine nouns which are ended up with ‘e’ will be transferred to their feminine nouns using the article before the noun
1)le concierge- la concierge

e) The masculine nouns which are ended up by ‘eur’ will be transformed to their feminine nouns by fixing ‘euse’ at the end.
1) Vendeur- Vendeuse
2) Chauffeur -Chaffeuse
3) Connaisseur -Connaisseuse

f) There are some other forms of feminine nouns such as following
1)Patron – Patronne
2)Citioyen- Citioyenne
3)gueux – gueuse
4)instituteur – instituterice
Ok, My friends I would like to give you some important vocabulary of French which are used in everyday life.

1) Boir- drink
2) sûr -sure
3) sur- On
4) Oui, je comprends- Yes, I understand
5) Non, Je ne comprend pas- No, I can’t understand
6) Rèpèté s’il vous plait- Repeat please.

7) Promener- walk
8) pâte – dough of flour
9) ç – here
10) ecole- school
11)à Paris- to Paris
12)Dans- In
13) Enfant- Child
14)Gant- Gloves
15) Pomme- Apple
16) Usine- Factory
17) Fenêtre- Window
18) belle- Bale dance
19) Mal-sick
20) La – there
21) Radio – Radio
22)Champ- field
23)Cour- playground
24) Papier- Paper
25)Cheval- horse
26) Bateau- Ship
27) Lait- Milk
28)bois- Jungle
29) feuille- leaf
30) Arcent- money
31) l’argent- the policeman
32) Escalier- Escalator
33) main- hand
34) les Hommes- the human
35) Voiture- Vehicle
36) Souilier- Slipper
37) Valise- Bag
38) Alors- thenceforth
39) Face- front
40) Pied- foot
I think that you would like to listen to a French Song. Let’s Listen and entertain.
I am “fed up” by Alizee (J’en Ai Marre par Alizee)

Composed by- Amila Perera
Composé par- Amila Perera