Red Easter 2019 


Church benches and floors stand empty of bliss 

Scattered red petals of flowers we’ll dearly miss 

With the same hands they raised to be blessed by the great God

They were your children; couldn’t you protect them my lord? 


Eager hands searched through sharp blades of grass

As Easter surprises came rushing and fast 

Drenched in this red Easter rain 

Lay there our siblings, life taken in vain 


Did none to you of any wrong 

Yet for her children, this one mother mourns 

Bleeding in hearts and with hurtful loud cries 

I hope this Easter is one that will never again rise 


New year’s cheer died dull really fast 

The egg hunt hunted many lives that were ours 

Dear God if you’re out there somewhere, 

Call them to heaven, them who were not spared


Written by: Dinili Gunasena


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