The Monochrome


Would you gaze up at the sky

Of a hanging grey mound?

Clouds brimming with tears,

‘Till they’re kissing the ground.


Would you follow the dust and colors,

Gushing down the tarred road?

Where there are lines washed so white but,

Couldn’t meet unless it’s snowed.


Would you forgive this rain again,

For playing when we don’t want to play?

Stealing the sunshine will matter no more

‘Cause on a special day, a rainbow will repay.


Would you feel frustrated by the fog,

Smearing all the way through?

Pause! so that it’ll get warmed up and melt

See…The next step is right in front of you.


Would you finally answer the chatty splatters?

They worry that she has some kind of syndrome,

Since I’ve been floating for a whole season

Mumbling something about a taste of a monochrome.


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