Every photo has a story! This is what one of my friends told me. Although I eagerly listened to his stories behind most of the captures I never felt it myself until recently; not until I met this young, sweet, little fellow who was guided by both of its parents on his lessons of flying. 

It was dusk when most birds were flying back to their nests. I heard a ceaseless chirping as I ran into the front yard. It was a fledgling who looked a bit stubby having a tiny bunch of tail feathers. It looked troubled yet brave, brave enough to take off from the chair in the veranda to the nearby Anthurium plant. It held the stalk of a leaf firmly. 

I was amused to see how one of its parents was chirping from a branch of the Rambutan tree. It was cheering up their little fellow to take another small step. Under the guidance of its adults who now called from two different trees, the young one took off again and managed to land successfully on a stalk of a leaf.

Suddenly one of the parents also flew next to the young one twiddled and flew showing the direction for it to fly next.  Following the path of its parent, it successfully managed to perch on a tree branch. The little fellow completed its flying lesson of the day!

In life, start of a new thing is pretty much the hardest part of the course but it is very important to take the first step. Life may bring you mild breezes as well as hurricanes. It is okay to feel worried but it is not okay to give up!

Sewwandi Alwis
Assistant Secretary 2019/20


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