Am I a Fundamental Error?


Am I a fundamental error,

A conundrum without an answer,

You say I am demented,

On what grounds I shall inquire!

You are demented not I,

Cocksure are you of scenes that glitter,

The verdict passes back and forth,

For none can ascertain who is who!

Driven by senses, thoughts forsaken,

Drifts astray with the wholes,

Ignored are the eccentric fractions,

Theirs aren’t the real and certain!

The scales are beyond comprehension,

Demarcation of the sane and deluded,

Unfathomable are numbers bigger,

Of the free than of the incarcerated!

Visit my kingdom of thoughts,

Listen to the words I utter!

Yours is a jail overpopulated,

The sole reason mine is an asylum.


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