Am I a Monster – 2


Note: This is the part two of the series. Part one can be found here. Hope you enjoy it!

Do not enter!

“I’m sorry honey! I thought I would be able to spend the rest of my night with you today, but it seems like I have some work to take care of!”

I bid farewell to my bed and said hello to my uniform. Everyone told me that I have to risk a lot of things, working as a police officer, but I never thought that sleep would be one of them. Well, whatever I am doing, I’m doing for the betterment of society. If my sleepless hours would help the society have a better sleep, so be it. While my mind was thinking about my sacrifice for the society, my body got dressed on it’s own without waiting for the mind’s consent. Wait. Did I take a bath? Well.. who cares. Anyways, I am going to a crime scene, not to some party!

I reached the crime scene in 45 minutes. Well, 42 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact. (First step to being a good police officer is being precise). “Oh, it’s a pressure to see you again!” greeted one of the few voices, I consider as my friends. “Do you mean pleasure? Oh..” I asked and instantly regretted my question (747th stupidest thing I said this year).

“It’s a girl!” He said it with the excitement of a father of a new born child.

“It was a girl”  I replied, pointing to the dried blood in her lifeless body. He looked at me weirdly. Did I say something wrong? It didn’t feel wrong to me. Then he smiled a little and said “amateur”.

His word summoned thousands of questions inside my head and his action simultaneously solved all the questions raised in my mind. He continued to talk, while pointing to her stab wound.

“It seems like our murderer wasn’t interested in killing this person. Look at the stab wound! Our guy wasn’t going for the fatal position. He either tried to save himself or he must be a sick psychopath”. I nodded along, amazed by his perceptionà.

“Let’s search for evidence. Hope our guy left us some lead, that could lead us to him” I said that with the most professional tone I could use and started to search the area, while the doctors took care of the body.

“Bingo! It seems like our guy is not great in hiding evidence after all!”, he yelled with excitement. I wondered how he could be so cheerful in a location like this though. Anyway, let’s take a look at what he had in his hand shall we?

To be continued…


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