An Entreat of a Honey Bee


Kindness is free

Kindness is for everyone

No need to pay a fee

Be kind to anyone

Just like me said the bee


No need to be

Keen on studies

No need to have a degree

On kindness, it seems

Said the honey bee


If you are unkind

Kneel on your knees

Ask your God

For forgiveness and be free

For kindness is the sign of peace


If there is kindness

There is no war

No misunderstandings only peacefulness

It is the key to the door

To experience heaven’s greatness


Rich or poor

Young or old

Be kind for sure

You will worth as gold

And brightly shine I assure


I pray you will treat

Everyone just like your own eyes

Don’t let me repeat

Be kind and wise

Said the bee as an entreat


Inviting all humankind to be mindful of being kind to everyone on World Kindness Day and all other days.


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