Entwined, loosen and free

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Our hands were ‘entwined’

As we gazed softly at each other

Not knowing what to say.

Time was so precious to us

We never regretted. Did we?


Our fingers were ‘loosen’

Desperately trying to force the hands to clasp

To bring back the same warmth felt back then.

Life seems busy to you,

That’s alright. Go ahead. I will forgive you as always

I’ll be your strength to reach up high. I promise.


My hands were ‘free’, dangling in the air

Lying loosely by my sides

Sigh! I waited and waited

As the days passed with murk


Yet again, the familiar face was back

As calm as ever walking towards me,

Turned to me and solemnly grinned,

“Hello”, he sighed and paused.

“My heart wants you back”

He sighed again.


My demons crept up like shadows in the night,

pulling me into the swirling dark mist of memories.

I had so many things piled up, to ask

Oozing in every crook and cranny of my mind.

“Please say no more”, I paused.

There’s no need for apologies

Your deeds of betrayal were like poison darts.

The time’s granted me to ponder

That we have better destinations


Don’t ever touch me, even with your words

As they would leave scars of betrayal

Giving me wounds to which I succumb.


A deep silence prevailed in the air

“Is this your final verdict?”

He was stunned and taken back.

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