Good and the Bad-MAHABHARAT (part 2)



One day in Dhrona called Yudhishtra (the eldest of Paandavaas), who is a strict follower of Dharma and sent him to find a “Bad-Natured person”. Similarly he sent Dhuriyothan to find a “Good-Natured person”. In a few months, both of them returned. Yudhishtra reported Dhrona that he couldn’t find even a single person who can be categorized as a “Bad-Natured” one. Whereas Dhuriyothan complained that he couldn’t find a single good man.
This incident demonstrates about the relationship in between the characteristics of an individual and his visualization about the environment.
According to Yudhishtra, all the men he met had some good characteristics. He couldn’t identify anyone as a bad-natured one. This visualization is due to his inter-personal characteristics. As being a strict follower of Dharma and a person with all moral values, he was matured enough to find out some good characteristics of a person.
Similarly when it comes to Dhuriyothan, since he is a person with all kinds of negative attitudes he couldn’t find anyone good among the people he met. Whenever he met a person, his total concentration was to find some negativity in his characteristics. As a result he finds all the men guilty.
“What we see and feel is actually what we are”
This is the concept which Guru Dhrona brings out through this illustration. If you are internally positive, you see everyone positive. And if you are internally negative, you see everyone negative. Swami Sithbhavanandhaji gives an example for this.
“A person who is wearing red-glasses will see the world reddish.A person who wears green-glasses will see everything greenish. This is not a problem with the world, but with the person. “
So, let’s try to be whatever we expect the world to be. Our lives will be easy……..